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Sometimes even in the same night! The Hawthorns bar is situated on the pedestrianised Northload street and is a great location for a quite rest and recovery while sightseeing around town. If you’re after something a little more exciting Tuesday’s Open Mic is always very busy, the Friday night music night’s are very popular and Sunday evening’s Backdoor Man Blues Jam from 5pm is the wildest Sunday anywhere. See what’s behind the bar below.

Grimbergen Blonde

Grimbergen Blonde is a premium strength, golden beer from Belgium. Historically brewed by the Grimbergen monks, famous for their work with filtration. We serve it in Grimbergen half pint glasses fresh on tap.

Visit the Grimbergen website here: http://www.grimbergenbeer.com

Thatchers Gold

Thatchers Gold is brewed in Somerset and has a perfectly crisp, smooth apple taste. Marvellously matched to summer afternoons in the beer garden and always does well at the music nights.

Visit the Thatchers website here: https://www.thatcherscider.co.uk


The world famous brand. Loved the world over and when expertly poured there’s not many pint’s that would best it. Come and let us pour you one!

Visit the Guinness website here: https://www.guinnesswebstore.com/

Carlsberg Export

Carlsberg Export is a premium-strength lager with a full bodied taste and an alcohol content of 4.8%ABV. If you’re a lager drinker the Export on tap is a fine pint.

Visit the Carlsberg brand site here: www.carlsberg.co.uk.

Holsten Vier

Holsten Vier is a 4% ABV version of Holsten Pils. It’s a very popular light lager in the German style that has a crisp and refreshing taste

The Heart of The Hawthorns.

We pride ourselves on our quality of service and our atmosphere. The pub needs to be a happy, social environment and we want all customers to have a great time whether they are staying as guests, enjoying a meal, dancing the night away or just popping in for a drink with friends. Our bar staff will be friendly and courteous and have an extensive drinks knowledge that you can mine for recommendations.

The bar area has seating in the windows and at the bar as well as tables where you can enjoy our bar snacks menu. There is also a stage built by none other than Wild Willy Barrett where we occasionally have music nights.

A selection of what we offer.

On Tap

Holsten Vier 4%

Carlsberg Export 4.8%

Grimbergen 6.7%

Thatchers Gold 4.5%

Guinness 4.3%










Penpont Creation. Cornish Ale 4.2%

Bays Brewery. Crocodale 4.1%

Cotleigh. Seahawk 4.2%

Bay’s Brewery. Devon Dumpling 5.1%

Church End Brewery. Grave Digger 3.8%


Call us – or better yet, call in – to find out what’s on the bar at the moment

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