Article 60.
Simon's Birthday Party

Four stages. 26 acts. BBQ. One day of madness.

Article 60.
Biggest Party
of The Year.

Featured Event – Article 60. Monday 28th of August

You don’t turn 60 every day – obviously – so Simon has entered into a foolhardy pursuit of the most spectacular party ever held at The Hawthorns. The day starts at 11am and finishes in the front bar with Wheel De La Barrow signing off proceedings at 10:30pm. BBQ all day and curry available too. There will be three bars so you can make sure your beverage situation is well managed.

Join us for the Party of the Year


60 years around the sun for Simon Sturt mean it’s time to trigger Article 60 and demand the free movement of dancing and frivolity while throwing open the doors for everyone to celebrate.

For such a celebration we can’t have just any old gig, we have to put on the biggest gig that Hawthorns has ever seen.

To that end we are having three live stages (back room, bar and the street outside) plus the BBQ bazaar in the garden featuring the crazy setup of the Bin Skankerz crew and an all day BBQ.

We thought we’d invite a few acts along too. Almost 30 in fact. How about this lineup for a day out?:

PORT ERIN – The Dead Freights – Swampgrass – Phoxjaw – Kirsty McGee –Animal Krackers – Wild Willy Barrett‘s Wheel O’Barrow – Kevin Dean –Truthseekers – The Bad Cowboys – Steve Henderson – Invisible Gem – Bob Gallie – Duncan Batey Trio – Kate Gough – Henry Wacey– Mark Whiting –That Hidden Promise – PG Haze – V ‘n’ R Guitar Duo – Turner UK – Shaun Ryan Buxton – Tolly Snell – John D Revelator – Bonbambino.

SImon is also insisting that the entire day is FREE ENTRY. So, come and enjoy the carnival atmosphere at the Hawthorns on Monday the 28th of August. Where else would you be?

Some of the acts…

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